These are the four books that I, together with my late husband, Mark, have written.

In addition to these, I have written introductions for or contributed to, and / or designed and edited the following publications, which can be found on my other publications page.


The Rule Book; Measuring for the trades

This book focuses on the measuring tools used by tradesmen and professionals in their everyday work, on the trades in which specific tools were used and how these tools were made and by whom. The intention is that the information contained here will be of use to collectors and researchers by explaining how the measuring devices were used and by placing them in a trade and social context.

It concentrates on those measuring items likely to be found and collected today Some are included because they are regularly encountered; others because they reflect important historical trends or developments. Still others pose intriguing intellectual challenges. Finally, many are simply attractive objects. Special features include illustrated appendixes, a checklist of rule makers and dealers, a full index, and separate index of names.


Tools, A Guide for Collectors

Descriptions, illustrations and interesting information on 80 different categories of tools. The tools are carefully described and their use discussed.







Christopher Gabriel and the Tool Trade in 18th Century London

“The book” of Christopher Gabriel, planemaker and tool seller in London from 1770 until 1809, gives a unique insight into a family business in late 18th century London. From this and other sources it has been possible to draw a picture of a small but developing business and to trace Gabriel’s connections with other toolmakers of the time, both in London and elsewhere. Perhaps the most valuable parts of the Gabriel legacy are the two inventories of his stock that have survived. These inventories, which list his stock in some detail, are reproduced in full in the book with commentary to clarify the tools and their use.



British Planemakers from 1700

 The 3rd edition in now out of print but a 4th edition is on its way and will be available shortly.







All these books are available from Astragal Press and, with the exception of Tools a Guide for Collectors, Classic Hand Tools.