Jane Rees ARPS

I have two main interests. I am a photographer, specializing in nature photography and an historian of historic tools, trades and technology and author of a number of books on the subject. I live in Wellow near Bath in Somerset.

Photography: I was brought up in the countryside and have always had an interest in nature. I particularly enjoy photographing flowers and fungi, insects and butterflies. I lived  in Virginia, U.S.A., for ten years and still visit the U.S.A. on a regular basis so many of my images are from there.

I was introduced to photography at about the age of 8, when my grandfather, Warren Crowe, gave me a Box Brownie camera. He had been a keen amateur photographer and between January 1902 and September 1905 went around the world. He took his Kodak No. 4 Cartridge camera taking photographs as he went. A selection of his photographs can be seen in one of my galleries.

I am a member of Bath Photographic Society, and a Past-President of the Society. (www.bathphotographicsociety.org.uk)

I belong to the RPS Nature group and in 2012, gained my A.R.P.S. in Natural History with a panel of The Wildlife of Virginia. (http://rpsnaturegroup.com/)

I also a member of the NPP, the Nature Photographers Portfolio. (www.nature-photographers-portfolio.co.uk)

Historic tools and trades: I trained as an architect and during my working life specialized in historic buildings. Through this I developed my interest in historic tools and trades. I am a founder member and President of the Tools and Trades History Society (www.taths.org.uk/) and a member of The Early American Industries Association (www.eaiainfo.org/)